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Meet the Team

We are not only a family foods brand, we are a true family-run brand, and proud of our small but mighty operation behind the scenes. Meet the tight knit team of entrepreneurs, creatives and logistical wizards behind “White Leaf Headquarters,” and what drives us to help reimagine our food systems.

Meghan Rowe

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Mom

Raised by serial entrepreneurs, Meghan grew up surrounded by and working for her family's businesses, assisting and interning wherever she could, including notably a snack foods company that her parents created and sold to Pepperidge Farm. After living, working and eating throughout Europe during graduate school, she moved to Key West, where she met and fell in love with Keith, who was working there at the time as a professional chef. They married and moved to Charleston, shortly after the birth of their son, Keegan. Meghan is driven every day to share her love of regeneratively farmed foods with others out there, especially parents and growing families like her own.

Keith Rowe

Co-Founder and Chief Executive DAD

Born and raised in Ireland, Keith is a classically trained chef. Educated in Europe, he spent sixteen years in the culinary industry, cooking at an executive level around the world including Australia, Asia, and Europe. Keith became well aware of Europe's approach to food, farming and diet, which included regenerative and Biodynamic farming. This inspired his growing passion for offering consumers (and when he became a father, parents) a deeper dive into the farming practices behind the foods we consume.

Emma Considine


Emma is a writer and editor with over ten years of experience working with health and wellness brands, based on her personal love of food, nature and movement. She spearheads White Leaf’s communications across social media, e-mail, product packaging, blog and partnership content, with a passion for helping to educate on the principles and positive impact of regenerative agriculture, and how this method of farming facilitates an exchange and connectivity that benefits all of us.

Jess Veit


Jess is our Western Sales Manager who has worked in the natural foods industry for the past 13 years, helping to shape her vision and obsession with the foods she eats. Jess worked at one of the largest Natural food chains in the US for over 10 years where she was responsible for developing, executing and managing new product Category Review schedules. She is also a passionate mother to her son Everette, and an infertility awareness advocate. You can follow her at @onesunnystory, an incredible account where she takes followers along her inspiring IVF journey and provides a daily honest and vulnerable portrait of motherhood.

Margaret Jones

Director of Customer and Vendor Relations

Margaret Jones lives in Las Vegas Nevada with her husband and two rescue dogs. She is a member of the White Leaf operations team and coordinates both inbound and outbound shipments of our products for wholesale and distribution partners. Margaret enjoys healthy and organic products because they provide a variety of interesting tastes, as well as the health and quality of life benefits. In her role with the White Leaf team, she enjoys helping connect customers from all backgrounds with accessible and delicious food for their growing families.

Keegan Rowe


Our journey to White Leaf began soon after our first son, Keegan was born and we started looking for convenient store-bought food options for him. Keegan began having adverse reactions to even the most organic and 'healthy' baby food options. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work to create the solution for ourselves. Today, nearly ten years later, he is known as the chief inspiration for White Leaf and a lover of all things Star Wars, Legos, and Nintendo!

Cameron Rowe


Cameron is the littlest member of the White Leaf clan and our Chief Sampling Officer (CSO). He is best known for his sweet, curious energy and well-above-average, healthy, size (thanks, regeneratively farmed baby food!). Before Cameron was born in June 2021, he was a long-held dream for Meghan and Keith. You can read Meghan’s incredible story of secondary infertility and PPD on our blog!

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