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The Farming Behind Our Products

🍑 Modern farming practices play a big part in climate change. Emissions from agricultural production, use of toxic chemicals, water pollution, loss of precious topsoil, pollinators and insects, as well as irresponsible animal management are all results of how the majority of our food is grown and managed today.

A regenerative farming model, instead, uses the highest organic farming standards as a baseline and goes beyond. It does so by farming more in tune with the natural rhythms of nature, in the ways in which farming was done for thousands of years before the need for GMOs, toxic and synthetic chemicals, mono-cropping and other destructive farming practices. Learn all about the farming principles here!

🍑 Biodynamic farming is regenerative farming! Biodynamic® farming is certified by an internationally recognized group called Demeter. The Demeter certification is the oldest ecological certification in the world dating back almost 100 years. It is also the oldest and largest regenerative farming certification in the world and a forerunner for all organic certifications as we know them today. Biodynamic farms envision healing the earth through agriculture and are a perfect example of a regenerative farming system. Learn more about all of the certifications and badges here (i.e. organic, biodynamic, regenerative)!

🍑 White Leaf Provisions is a US-based, female-founded, family-run business that focuses on sourcing all ingredients from family owned farms that grow healthy, pure and transparent fruits and vegetables. These farms only employ biodynamic and regenerative farming practices, a growing movement which focuses on producing food that is more nutritious while reducing pollution and restoring health to land, water, crops, animals, and air.

🍑 Scientific research into the health benefits of organic food -- which applies to biodynamic, regeneratively farmed food as well -- is well documented. In addition, repeated experiments for many years by people who grow and eat regeneratively farmed produce, and by biodynamic research establishments, confirms that it regularly produces high quality nutrient-rich foods, that keep fresh longer, store better, and have greater vitality. Anecdotal evidence suggests that eating biodynamic food reduces allergic reactions and contributes to improved general health as well. Read more about how and why regenerative farming is the pinnacle in purity here.

🍑 While the rise of genetic engineering has created crop species that can withstand droughts, pests, and other challenges, there has been an intense backlash against their use. Many people believe that the research on the long-term impacts of GMO food is incomplete and that they contribute to health problems like allergies. Others worry that the altered genes will make their way into wild plant populations and permanently change the ways they work for the worse.

The Demeter certification has a zero tolerance for genetic modification (GM) in agriculture, gardening, packaging (compostable packaging can be made with GMO crops). Demeter standards also forbid the use of any GM organisms and ingredients, including animal feeds.

🍑 Glyphosate, also known as Round Up, is a likely carcinogen and is the most commonly used pesticide in the world. A recent report found that 90% of the families tested have the chemical in their bodies, and most kids had much higher levels than their parents. The Environmental Working Group published results of a new study earlier this year, demonstrating that 43 of the 48 cereals, oatmeals, and snack bars they tested contained Glyphosate.

Not only are our ingredients certified Biodynamic® Organic, assuring they are grown without glyphosate application to start with, but our products are the only U.S. shelf-stable baby food to be certified “glyphosate residue free” by the Detox Project. To be certified, all products must be tested regularly and show no glyphosate residues down to government-recognized limits of detection. Learn more about Glyphosate here!

🍑 Regeneratively farmed products are generally priced slightly higher than other products in their category for a few reasons.

The first and possibly the most important is that the biodynamic farms that we work with are small family run businesses. We always like to pay a fair wage to our farmers as we value and support all of the hard work our farmers do to grow our regenerative farming forbids the use of all chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, the farmers require more labour. They manually care for their crops and manufacture their own herbal sprays and natural compost to replace the damaging effects that these chemicals have on our health and environment.

Regenerative farmers perform a lot of crop rotations to keep their soil healthy and prevent weed growth, this promotes healthy soil and helps with pest control but comes at an additional cost to the farmer.

To reassure the customer of the quality that they are purchasing, certification costs are high on a Biodynamic organic farm. White Leaf likes to assist in this process to help change and encourage more regenerative farming

To learn more about what sets regenerative agriculture apart, read more here!

Heavy metals naturally occur in soil and water. However, inorganic heavy metals are those derived from impurities that the soil receives from agricultural practices, such as fertilizers and pesticides, and they are dangerous. These metals have been linked to cancer, chronic disease and neurotoxic effects, and they pose a threat to brain development in babies. A recent Congress report found that a handful of commercial baby foods are tainted with significant levels of toxic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury.

Please rest assured, since our founding, we have and continue to issue routine, frequent testing of all of our products to ensure that they meet the highest standards for purity and transparency. Our metal levels come in even well below the FDA requirements (for rice cereal and apple juice -- the only baby food products that the FDA currently sets limits for). We test consistently for harmful herbicides like Glyphosate as well, and work with partners like The Detox Project, a research & certification platform that encourages transparency in food, specifically on the subject of toxic chemicals. You can read more about our commitment to ensuring our products are only grown in healthy, nutrient-rich soil to create the purest foods possible on our blog post here. And, please do not hesitate to reach out to info@whiteleafprovisions.com if you have any further questions on this matter.

Questions About Our Products

Each word in our name holds significance.


White historically symbolizes beginnings, fresh starts, and the hope that accompanies a bright new day. As one of the very first family foods companies in the US that is made with 100% regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic & GMO-free ingredients, this dream and opportunity of regeneration, revival and renewal is exactly what we aim to embody in our name and product offerings. We hold great hope for the potential of regenerative farming to restore soil health, reverse climate change, and feed our families the very purest foods possible in doing so. Because it's never too late to start anew and improve our food, earth, health, and relationship with life itself -- all while leaving our children a better world.


There's nothing that quite depicts hope and revival like a leaf -- a timeless symbol of growth. Whether the lush green leaves of spring and summer, the transforming foliage of fall, or the journey from decay and into renewal of winter, a leaf embodies nature's seasonal cycles, the human life cycle, and nature’s influence on our lives. In all we do, we attempt to work in tandem with the harmony of nature, rather than against it.


Though perhaps best known for our baby food pouches, White Leaf is a trusted family foods brand and we are continuously working behind the scenes to offer a comprehensive variety of pantry essentials for all ages and lifestyles -- supplying your family with the purest necessities, a.k.a provisions. 'Provisions' is also a term reminiscent of past epochs and the early 20th century. The fundamental principles of biodynamics and regenerative agriculture emerged 100 years ago, and we are seeking to revive them once more, this time on a widespread national level in the US!

🥕 All White Leaf Provisions products are suitable for ages 6 months to hungry adult, with the exception of our Pumpkin/Nectarine and Kiwi/Banana/Pear. We recommend feeding these blends to infants eight months and older, due to the natural acids found in nectarines and kiwis, which your child may be sensitive to.

🥕 Our baby food is shelf stable, meaning that the pouches can be safely stored at room temperature without refrigeration and are considered non-perishable (without spoilage). As always, please make sure to check the expiration date on your baby food pouches. We do recommend that you refrigerate after opening for up to 24 hours.

Our blends are all plant based and diary free. Please note there is an extra stringent, highly monitored cleansing process between all runs at our manufacturing facilities.

• Please note, our Baby Food manufacturer also produces wheat and coconut

• Our Apple sauce manufacturer is dairy-free + nut free + gluten-free

• Please note, our grain manufacturer is dairy free but does produce coconut

🥕 Our baby food blends are made via heat pasteurization. We chose this method, due to a few key benefits: Heat treated baby food kills 100% of potential dangerous bacteria. Additionally, many of our products include root vegetables, such as carrots & sweet potatoes, and gently cooking them helps babies’ systems to absorb more essential nutrients. Our products also require no additional refrigeration, making them the perfect on the go snack that does not sacrifice nutritional value for convenience.

🥕 Our manufacturing process removes all kiwi seeds, resulting in a completely pure and smooth blend. And yes, kiwis are safe. They are naturally low in sugars, especially compared to most fruits, and contain a plethora of essential nutrients, such as potassium and immunity-boosting Vitamin C.

Because kiwis are acidic in nature, we suggest waiting until your infant is at least eight months of age to introduce them to the fruit. If your baby shows sensitivities, such as digestion issues, tummy troubles, mouth or diaper rashes, or spits the mashed fruit out when you first introduce it to him, try again after a few months.

Questions About Our Packaging

🍐 Our pouches are made from multi-layer films produced without the use of BPA or phthalates. Our packaging is BPA, BPS, BP, and BPF as well as Phthalate free. The outer layers are polyethylene blends designed for durability and printability. The middle layer is a bonded aluminum layer for moisture and vapor impermeability. The inner layer (the only layer that touches the food) is bonded virgin food-grade polyethylene. The food cannot contact the middle aluminum layer. Our applesauce cups are also BPA free and fully recycled through your county's recycling program.

🍐 Our entire line is recyclable. Our applesauce cups are 100% curbside recyclable. All packaging for our baby food line can be completely recycled and/or up-cycled through TerraCycle, a mail in recycling program available to customers in all 50 states. Our mail in recycling program utilizes the USPS to safely and effectively manage your empty pouches, caps and spouts.

🍐 Single use packaging has a very negative impact on our planet. When we set out to bring our baby food line to market, we also wanted to address this issue. Other brands put similar amounts of product in larger unnecessary packaging only to increase shelf presence to make their pouches more eye-catching. We value minimizing our carbon footprint over our appearance (we still think our pouches look great!) on the shelf by only using the minimum amount of packaging necessary to safely package our fruits and vegetables. We also offer a free mail-in recycling program for our pouches, caps and spouts via our partnership with Terracycle.

Questions About Shipping, Subscriptions + Partnerships

🍌 Orders placed Monday-Friday prior to 2:00 pm EST are usually shipped out that same day via UPS ground or USPS. Orders placed after 2:00pm on a weekday will ship out the next business day. Orders placed after 2:00pm on Friday and or on the on a weekend day will be shipped out on Tuesday.

Please note, due to our warehouse's fast turn around, we are not able to cancel and refund any orders, once they've been placed.

Over the past year and a half the global supply chain has taken a hit, leading to increased transportation costs, a shortage of shipping containers and drivers, all compounded by increased consumer demand. Due to these inflationary pressures and the surge in transportation costs, and as a small (but growing!) family owned brand, we have raised our free shipping minimum spend to $89+ per order (**please note, does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska, PR, US VI, Guam, which are subject to a tiered rate structure, pending associated carrier costs).

For all orders under $89, there is a $7.95 flat rate fee. If your cart totals more than $89, we offer free shipping via FedEx, UPS ground or USPS, depending on your location.

🍌 White Leaf Provisions is proud to offer 10% off your ongoing purchase with our Subscribe and Save feature! With Subscribe & Save, you are able to receive a 10% discount off your order and set an auto-ship of your product to ship each month! You may cancel your subscription at anytime, simply email us to let us know!

Our Subscribe and Save is set to ship your products every 24 days, however, if you would like to change the frequency of your order, simply email us to make this change and we'd be happy to assist you! For all questions or feedback, please contact info@whiteleafprovisions.com .

Please note that with the Subscribe and Save feature, we are not able to accept any other discount offer, as we offer 10% off your purchase price automatically.

We always love hearing from White Leaf fans and try to find ways to work together! We have an affiliate program, in which (if we are the right fit as partners), we can offer your followers 15% off our products, with a 20% kick back to you off each order. Please reach out to info@whiteleafprovisions.com to start the conversation and mention that you are interested in potentially joining our program.

When it comes to paid posts, please note that we do not execute any paid influencer activations outside of our software partner, Cohley. If you are on Cohley, we frequently execute different campaigns and would love to connect with you on the platform!

Please note we are not able to accept food item returns or issue refunds, based on palette preference, even if the product is unopened or unused. Instead, we suggest making delicious recipes for the whole family with our blends, or donating to your local food bank or family who you know would enjoy the products.

We will issue credit for products that are mispicked or damaged en route to their destination. Please email us at info@whiteleafprovisions.com with your order number and a description (and photo, if possible!) of the product in question.

Either way, please do not hesitate to reach out with any feedback on our products! We love to hear from you and your experience is of the utmost importance to us.

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