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Regenerate your pantry with 4 new blends, grown in harmony with nature

Introducing 4 nutrient-dense purees, cultivated regeneratively with wholesome fruits, veggies, and grains. Enjoy the purest flavors, Glyphosate residue free, from soil to sip.

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​​“Baby food doesn't get better than this”

Eco Parent

“This is a must have in parents' pantries”


“Your kids will love this! So healthy and TASTY”


“So delicious and completely organic”

Us vs. them

White Leaf Provisions

Regeneratively farmed,
Organic & Biodynamic

No artificial, flavors
or preservatives

Glyphosate Residue Free

BPA-free and recyclable packaging

Grown without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides

Baby Food
Baby Food
  • Packed with health-giving nutrients

    Conventionally grown foods contain less nutrients than ever before. Regeneratively farmed ingredients like White Leaf's are proven to be packed with more essential vitamins and minerals, which promote your baby's growth & development.

  • Nourish your family, heal the planet

    Conventional farming has destroyed our soils & food systems. The solution is regenerative agriculture, which builds soil health to heal the earth — nourishing your family with the best foods, while leaving them a more viable future.

  • Simple ingredients, spectacular taste

    Studies have shown regeneratively farmed foods taste richer, juicier, sweeter, and all around better. Our 1,000s of 5-star reviews & awards don't lie - little ones love our products and have no idea just how healthy they are.

“I’m so glad that I found a baby food that finally marries pure, healthy nutrition with on-the-go convenience”

Elen Marri

Elen Marri


“We still love pouches for added convenience + nutrition. Our fav is @whiteleafprovisions organic baby food.”

Sasha Menkes

Sasha Menkes


“White Leaf baby food pouches are just one way to make daily life easier + healthier at the same time.”




"With goods that are
certified organic, regeneratively farmed & Biodynamic, you
can’t beat #whiteleafprovisions!⁣⁣"

Dr. Marie Lahai

Dr. Marie Lahai

Digital creator
Baby Food
Baby Food
  • Finally, a pure, delicious apple sauce

    Conventional apple sauce is typically anything but nutritious, because they are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Our pure, regeneratively farmed sauces have only two ingredients each.

  • Two ingredients you can pronounce

    Our sauces are made with seasonal apples & pears and prized Ceylon Cinnamon. They have NO added sugars, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and are certified Glyphosate Residue Free.

  • A healthy alternative for sweet cravings

    Best of all, we've been told our applesauce tastes like pie filling. You know the one — the thick, cider-flavored apple filling with a hint of tartness that's not the least bit watery.

"White Leaf Provisions was an option we gravitated to because it just made sense."




“My son loves these cinnamon apple sauce deliciousness from White Leaf Provisions. They are so delicious and perfect for all ages.”

Annie Siegfried

Annie Siegfried

Dietitian/Food Writer

“I love White Leaf because their products are certified biodynamic
and they are incredibly pure and nutritious for my little guy!”

Aubrie Bell

Aubrie Bell

Adventure mom

Our story

We believe that being mindful towards the food we eat and the manner in which it is grown and produced allows us to be more in tune with ourselves and the world around us. White Leaf Provisions brings the first 100% regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic & GMO-Free baby food line to retail in the US.

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