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Farm to Ecomm™

Biodynamic® and Regeneratively Farmed™ products are healing the planet that our kids will inherit. From our family to yours, please enjoy our products!

Our Mission

“We believe that being mindful towards the food we eat and the manner in which it is grown and produced allows us to be more in tune with ourselves and the world around us.”

-Meghan Rowe, Co-Founder & CEO

What Is Biodynamics ?

1. Natural Compost Only

Biodyanmic farming prohibits the use chemical fertilizers. Instead, natural compost is made on the farm and applied to enhance the soil life. 

2. 10% devoted to Biodiversity

10% of the land on Biodynamic farms is reserved for biodiversity to help nurture the health of the surrounding ecosystems.

3. Help Reverse Climate Change

Plants draw in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere sequestering it into the soil. This not only lowers the amount of carbon in the atomosphere, but also improves the soil on the farm. 

4. Cover Cropping

Biodynamic farming uses cover crops like rye and vetch. This adds nutrients to the soil, fuels the soil microbiome, and reduces soil erosion.

5. Zero GMO's or Growth Hormones

Biodynamic products will never contain GMO's, growth promoters or hormones. Instead, Biodynamics works with nature, not against it. 

6. Crop Rotation

Biodynamic farms are polycultures - using multiple species of plants. Every year the crops are rotated to a new spot. This reduces disease and helps maintain soil fertility.


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