A step beyond organic = the next step towards a healthier planet.

There is no other way to say this: our current agricultural practices are fundamentally broken. For over a century, we have been manipulating the way we grow and harvest food in an effort to mass produce at a cheaper price. These destructive farming practices play a big part in the loss of biodiversity, pollinators and play a big part in climate change. It also means that our foods are less nutritious than they’ve ever been before.

Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy beings. It’s really that simple!

When it comes to our planet, the love you take is equal to the love you make. Lucky for us (and our little ones), there is a better way to farm that could even potentially reverse global warming: regenerative farming. This agricultural practice helps to heal the earth by working with nature to improve and repair the farm, rather than against it. In place of harming the land, we can nurture a system that heals the soil, while invigorating our bodies with the purest foods possible. Because, as they say, what you give is what you get. Talk about a win-win for health + humanity!

Introducing Our Neuroscientist Expert, Dr. Nicole Avena

"Growing bodies need proper nourishment and high quality foods. A diet that is high in trans fats, processed sugars and pesticides that come from conventionally grown produce can really hamper your child's growth and lead to an array of health issues later in life. All of the products in White Leaf Provisions' baby and toddler line are made with biodynamically grown fruits and vegetables so you can ensure that your little one is getting only the very best." - Dr. Nicole Avena

Welcome to the White Leaf Family

“We’re so excited to welcome you to the White Leaf Provisions community. Above all else, thank you for trusting us with your family’s nutrition. My husband, Keith and I created White Leaf Provisions when our son, Keegan, was born. We were worried about the way the foods we were feeding our family were being farmed, what was being sprayed on them as well as the implications the farming practices had on the future of the planet Keegan would grow up in.

So, we set out to create our own trusted family brand, and the first to have regenerative farming at its core. Through these practices, we can nurture a system that heals the soil, while invigorating our family’s bodies with pure, nutrient-dense foods.”

Love, Meghan + Keith

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