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Our Impact

Every day, your family’s food choices have both a social and environmental impact. At White Leaf, we’re striving for a better food future by considering both, in all that we do! And by supporting regeneratively farmed foods, you too are investing in a new food system.

Regenerate, Recycle, Repeat

All packaging for our baby food line can be completely recycled and/or up-cycled through a subsidized mail in Terracycle recycling program available to customers in all 50 states. Once collected, the pouches are cleaned and separated by material type. The materials are recycled into raw formats that manufacturers use to make new products. Please note our applesauce cups are 100% curbside recyclable, as they are made from PP5, a BPA free plastic that can be curbside recycled along with our foil lids.

Wellness, for All

Hunger In America

Food is very much a social issue, with access to good nutrition often determined by location and economic status. Over 50 million Americans are food insecure, unable to reliably access nutritious food. This lack of options have crippled low-income communities, trapping generations in cycles of disease and poverty.

Wellfare x White Leaf

Step in Wellfare, a nonprofit grocery subscription service on a mission to change that -- working alongside the best food and beverage brands in the country, to deliver donated, nutritious and delicious groceries for food-insecure households in New York City. We are so proud to officially be their partner because every single person deserves access to foods that nourish their bodies and invest in their planet.

every single person deserves access to foods that nourish their bodies


HowGood is an independent research company with the world’s largest database on food product sustainability, designed to help brands improve their environmental and social impact at the ingredient level. Through measuring eight core sustainability metrics, they provide deeper insights into the impact of every White Leaf ingredient, pushing the envelope on what we can achieve as a leading regenerative brand.

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