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Become a Biodynamic® & Regeneratively Farmed Brand Affiliate


As parents, we feel that there needs to be more transparency and purity in the products that we are feeding our kids. If you are passionate about feeding the purest fruits and vegetables to your kids, passionate about products that are regeneratively farmed healing the planet that our kids will inherit and believe that there needs to be more transparency and social accountability from the businesses that are bringing these products to market then you would be perfect for our affiliate program.
How it Works:

White Leaf Provisions will set up your very own personal discount code based on your Instagram handle for you to share with your friends, family, and followers.  We will also arm you with a bunch of information and video links so that you can share amongst your network about White Leaf Provisions' products, mission, and vision.  

People come to purchase our products via the personalized discount code you have shared for our eCommerce shop.  We can see the traffic coming in from your specialized link.  

At the end of each month, we will then offer you a scaling discount between 20%-50% off your own orders through our site based on the number of people that have purchased a product(s) via your referrals.   

White Leaf Provisions will email you a screenshot of the month’s activity so you can see and then we will provide a code for you to use at your leisure to receive your discount. 

If you bring in the following amount of orders each month, you'd receive that percentage off your own shopping experience at the end of the month: 

1-5 Orders
20% off your own shopping cart
6-9 Orders
25% off your own shopping cart 
9-13 Orders
35% off your own shopping cart 
14-10 Orders
45% off your own shopping cart 
21+  Orders
50% off your own shopping cart 

If you'd like to participate please respond below and include your IG handle and shipping address to participate. 

Thank you again! 

White Leaf Provisions