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“Sharing a meal is one of the most universal expressions of love.”

– Meghan Rowe, Co-Founder

Our Story

Hi there and welcome to the White Leaf family! We are so happy you are here. We’re Meghan and Keith, Founders of White Leaf Provisions – a line of regeneratively farmed foods, made for families, by a family. Since day one, we set out on a mission to bring a line of regeneratively farmed products to market, bringing a level of transparency and purity not yet seen in the US before to the family foods category. Our journey to White Leaf began soon after our first son, Keegan, was born.

We set out on a mission to bring a level of transparency and purity not yet seen in the US.

Like all parents, a time came when we started looking for convenient store bought options for baby food and immediately recognized an unmet need. While we saw lots of organic and GMO-free certified products, none went a few steps beyond to showcase regenerative farming.

Our son began having adverse reactions to even the most organic and 'healthy' baby food options.

This further hindered our trust in the farming behind the ingredients. We began to import Biodynamic baby food from Europe, realized that other parents were doing the same, and knew we were onto something.

“Becoming parents changed our outlook...”

– Meghan Rowe, Co-Founder

Becoming parents also changed our outlook – with a newfound sense of urgency – over the state of our planet and our responsibility. We understood that it’s not enough to just produce food in ways that minimize harm to the planet—we must start going beyond “sustainable” and producing food in ways that actively restore the health of the planet.

So, we got to work and decided to create the solution for ourselves

We partnered with a handful of carefully selected national and international farms and processing facilities to allow us to bring our Glyphosate residue free, non- GMO, regeneratively farmed products to market. Every day, the White Leaf team aims to make new strides in supporting regenerative agriculture, so that we can all make a fundamental difference on using the planet’s limited natural resources more effectively, while nourishing our families with healthier, purer foods.

Healthy soil/planet = healthy food = healthy beings. It’s really that simple!

Xx Meghan and Keith

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