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About White Leaf Provisions

White Leaf Provisions is a family run business run by a husband and wife team who are bringing the first 100% regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic & GMO-Free baby food line to retail in the US. We believe babies and kids should have access to the purest foods that taste amazing and are farmed in a manner that heals the Earth.

Keith, a native of Ireland, is a classically French-trained chef. He grew up in a small village in Ireland where locally farmed and sourced food was the basis for every meal. This mindset has shaped Keith’s career and passion for pure foods — foods that are minimally processed, with the flavor being directed by seasons, not additives.

We believe many of those same values are reflected in the biodynamic concept.

I come from a family of serial entrepreneurs being very successful in many fields from health foods to commerce. Growing up around those ideals helped shape my desire for developing and sharing healthier food options and mindful living. Becoming a mother and realizing that you play a big part in shaping your child's eating habits has certainly reinforced those ideas.

Today, Keith and I hope to make the concept of mindful, sustainable living more prevalent in America. We want to show the benefits of Biodynamic agriculture and Regenerative Agriculture. That through working with nature, we can bring about the purest foods while also healing the earth.

“We believe that being mindful towards the food we eat and the manner in which it is grown and produced allows us to be more in tune with ourselves and the world around us.”

-Meghan Rowe, Co-Founder & CEO, White Leaf Provisions

White Leaf is certified by Demeter USA, the International seal of approval for Biodynamic farming practices and products. We proudly use proceeds from these products to sponsor the next generation of sustainable farmers and farm-to-school gardening and educational programs in North America.

We’re excited to share our own experiences and what we’ve learned to make mindful living less overwhelming and more attainable for you.

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Meghan Rowe
Co-Founder & CEO
White Leaf Provisions
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So, where does the name come from?

Each word in our name holds significance and embodies the concepts of regeneration and renewal. Learn more below!


White historically symbolizes beginnings, fresh starts, and the hope that accompanies a bright new day. As one of the very first family foods companies in the US that is made with 100% regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic & GMO-free ingredients, this dream and opportunity of regeneration, revival and renewal is exactly what we aim to embody in our name and product offerings. We hold great hope for the potential of regenerative farming to restore soil health, reverse climate change, and feed our families the very purest foods possible in doing so. Because it's never too late to start anew and improve our food, earth, health, and relationship with life itself -- all while leaving our children a better world. 


There's nothing that quite depicts hope and revival like a leaf -- a timeless symbol of growth. Whether the lush green leaves of spring and summer, the transforming foliage of fall, or the journey from decay and into renewal of winter, a leaf embodies nature's seasonal cycles, the human life cycle, and nature’s influence on our lives. In all we do, we attempt to work in tandem with the harmony of nature, rather than against it. 


Though perhaps best known for our baby food pouches, White Leaf is a trusted family foods brand and we are continuously working behind the scenes to offer a comprehensive variety of pantry essentials for all ages and lifestyles -- supplying your family with the purest necessities, a.k.a provisions. 'Provisions' is also a term reminiscent of past epochs and the early 20th century. The fundamental principles of biodynamics and regenerative agriculture emerged 100 years ago, and we are seeking to revive them once more, this time on a widespread national level in the US!

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