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Packaging is a top environmental concern of consumers and a significant contributor to a company’s climate impact. White Leaf Provisions is aware of the effect our products have on the planet, and this is why we have chosen to partner with TerraCycle until we are able to implement a completely compostable and recyclable packaging.


Bringing a biodynamic and regeneratively farmed product to market is amazing but if the packaging that preserves and protects the ingredients is not 100% recyclable or even compostable, it is still a concern for us both as parents and a business.

We know we have more work to do!!. We have been presented with an interesting problem, the technology behind today's baby food packaging is amazing at preserving the taste and integrity of the ingredients but is not good for the environment. We are actively working with our packaging manufacturer to manufacture a recyclable pouch option that is made with less protective layers that can each be broken down and recycled responsibly. 

We know that recycling and better packaging options must be demanded from both the consumer side and the company standpoint. WLP is actively developing a conversation about this through our partnership with OSC2 and Climate Collaborative

Climate Collaborative is a project of OSC2 that was born out of the desire for the industry’s need to be more sustainable. The coalition aims to leverage the power of the natural products industry to reverse climate change. OSC2 has a deep interest and history in working with packaging, stressing that this is the main touch point between brands and consumers. White Leaf partners with OSC2 to remove petroleum based packaging from landfill, oceans, and our planet by securing non GMO compostable and renewable flexible film structure.

White Leaf Provisions have set packaging goals with the Climate Collaborative and are actively working toward them.

The impact of waste

Over the past 100 years, the amount of waste that humanity produces has increased by almost 10,000 percent. Of that staggering volume, it is estimated that 25 percent ends up in our oceans, forming five gigantic gyres of garbage.  Since only a small percentage gets recycled the majority is effectively mummified in landfills, leaching out methane and other toxic outputs over time. If it is not buried, it is typically burned in incinerators. While a very small percentage of incinerators do produce some energy as an output, in the process they also destroy all possible value except the caloric (or energy) value inherent in the materials.

Environmental benefit of TerraCycle

By sending waste to TerraCycle you will avoid it ending up as litter, in a landfill or incineration facility. Instead, new materials and products will be made with your collected waste, reducing the need to extract new materials from the planet.  This avoided impact is not small; for an average product over 90% of the environmental impact comes from extracting and refining the raw materials from which it is made.


Start a Zero Waste Box™ Platform Program in your town, school or local retailer. 

TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box™ platform allows you to recycle almost any type of waste, from your coffee capsules to complex laboratory waste. Choose the waste stream you’d like to recycle, purchase your preferred box size, collect your waste, and send it to TerraCycle to be repurposed (shipping is included). Zero Waste Boxes are available for purchase via their Zero Waste Box website and many major retailers. WLP have also started their own recycling program with TerraCycle making their pouches recyclable from anywhere in the US. 

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