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Our Team

Meghan Rowe

Meghan is the owner/co-founder and CEO of White Leaf Provisions. Entrepreneurship is perhaps passed down via genetics, as Meghan is the daughter of serial entrepreneurs. She grew up surrounded by and working for her family's businesses, assisting and interning wherever she could, including notably a snack foods company that her parents created and sold to Pepperidge Farm.
While living abroad in Europe for her education and career in photography, Meghan became very aware of the high standards that the European Union holds for food, products, and their ingredients. The birth of her son Keegan is what sparked her and her husband, Keith's decision to enter and help bring the Regenerative Organic, and Biodynamic® CPG space into the mainstream. She started White Leaf Provisions due to her love of Biodynamic and Organic products and is driven every day to share this love with others out there, especially parents and growing families like her own. 

Keith Rowe
Keith rowe cofounder
Keith is a dad, as well as the Co-owner and -founder of White Leaf Provisions. Born and raised in Ireland, he is a classically trained chef. Educated in Europe, he spent sixteen years in the culinary industry, cooking at an executive level around the world including Australia, Asia, and Europe. Being in the culinary scene in Europe, Keith was well aware of Europe's approach to food, farming and diet, which included regenerative and Biodynamic farming. This inspired Keith’s growing passion for offering consumers (and when he become a father, parents) a deeper dive into the farming practices behind the foods we consume.
He now devotes the majority of his time to developing the growth and awareness of regeneratively farmed ingredients and products in the USA. "For me, the quality of ingredients that we are feeding our kids and families is paramount as we think of their futures and the health of their planet,” explains Keith.
Cori Stevens
Director of Operations 
Cori, our Director of Operations, comes with over a decade of experience in CPG operations with a heavy focus on better-for-you and natural channels. She's equipped to put out all our fires and help us grow into a best loved brand with a cult following. A passion for sustainability and corporate citizenship drew her to White Leaf's high standards for ethical food production that cares for both people and planet. Cori lives in Salt Lake City with her partner Corey (yes, they have the same name!), their free-spirited kids, and a fuzzy black dog who is a very good girl. Off the clock she's active in her local community, loves podcasts, and will move heaven and earth for a good nap. 
Emma Considine
Marketing Director
Emma Considine Director of Communications

Emma Considine is the Marketing Director at White Leaf Provisions. She is a writer, editor and brand consultant with ten years of agency and consulting experience, working primarily within health, wellness, and lifestyle. Emma directs White Leaf Provisions' social media, e-mail, blog and partnership content, and is thrilled to be working with a team and company that is so aligned with her own personal values and vision for a better world. Emma has worked and lived in New York, Los Angeles and now Washington DC. 

Jessica Veit
    Sales Manager 
As well as being a passionate mother to her son Everette, Jess worked at one of the largest Natural food chains in the US for over 10 years where she was responsible for developing, executing and managing new product Category Review schedules. Involvement in new product decision-making, communication to suppliers and stores of approvals and denials. Jess is experienced in working with and building relationships with distributors and broker teams ensuring loyal partnerships. 
Experienced in customer service, sales, operations, product development, execution of national promotions and events & demo coordination, Jess is very much goal and detail-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities. 
Keegan Rowe
Keegan rowe inspiration
Keegan Rowe is the Chief Compost Manager at White Leaf Provisions. A lover of the finer things in life such as our Biodynamic Apple & Pear Sauce. Keegan spends most of his days playing outside, gardening, collecting little gifts from nature for his mom and gliding through the air on his Swurfer.
Cameron Rowe 
Chief Sampler

Dr. Nicole Avena 

In-House Nutrition Expert

Dr. Nicole is a research neuroscientist and a pioneer in the field of diet during pregnancy and baby, toddler and childhood nutrition. Her seminal research work jump-started a new field of exploration in medicine and nutrition. She received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Psychology from Princeton University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in molecular biology at The Rockefeller University in New York City.
Garett Long
Advisor of Soil Health & Land Stewardship
Garett long
Garett is a soil scientist who believes healing the planet is in parallel with healing the human spirit. He spent five formative years on a biodynamic farm in Moorpark, California, before leaving to pursue his M.S. in Soils & Biogeochemistry from University of California-Davis. Garett also co-founded Soil Life Services, which provides support to producers in monitoring and evaluating the impacts of agricultural management on soil carbon and other metrics of soil health. 

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