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Tips for Grocery Shopping On A Budget & Eating Healthy While At Home

Written By Hartje Andresen The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of people worldwide to re-think the way the...

How To Decipher Fake "Healthy" Labels (& 10 Simple Swaps!)

I have lost count of how many times I have sent my husband to the supermarket with an item on the shopping list th...

Babies’ Taste Buds -- What Parents Need to Know

There seems to be a certain mystery surrounding babies’ taste buds. From the notion that all baby foods should be bla...

What's So Bad About Eating Glyphosate Foods

  Studies continue to link the well-known herbicide glyphosate to human, animal and environmental health problems. Y...

The Importance of Family Meals... And How To Make Them Happen!

Does sitting together for meals with the whole family sound a bit old fashioned to you? Do you take dinnertime as an ...

Critical Nutrients & Supplements for Babies

Taking good care of our children’s nutrition is one of the most important ways we can ensure their health and wellbei...

How Do You Know When Your Baby Is Ready for Solids?

Image: @LittleHouseOfBass For a parent, every milestone their baby reaches is exciting. But for many,introducing the...

How to Prevent Dehydration in Kids

When talking about hydration and dehydration, many might think this applies to the summer months only. But with the c...

The Best Superfoods For Babies

Since babies’ stomachs are tiny, it is even more important that everything we feed them is packed full of nutrients. ...

Mama and Toddler Healthy Chia Pudding Recipe

A healthy chia pudding recipe the whole family will love, created for WLP by Heidi of Leafy Vibe.

Baby’s First Foods: A Guide to What, When, and How to Feed Your New Eater

By Hartje Andresen Getting your baby started on solids is an exciting milestone for both of you! Most parents eager...

Simple Guide to Understanding Consumer Certification Labels and Logos

  Have you ever wondered what the labels on your food actually mean, how they're regulated, or which ones are best? ...

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