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We’re calling on your help to #RegenerateAmerica & leave our kids a better future!

We’re calling on your help to #RegenerateAmerica & leave our kids a better future!
“The Nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Did you know? Civilizations rise and fall depending on the quality of their soil. That is why indeed, healthy soil is the foundation of American resilience and prosperity. However, the U.S. is losing healthy soil 10x faster than it is being replenished, leading to mass desertification -- a disastrous situation in which people go hungry and must find other places to live. By 2050, one billion people will likely be refugees caused by soil desertification around the world. If we don't take action now.

The solution is right under our feet – rebuilding our soils! That's why regenerative agriculture is considered by many to be the most powerful weapon we have to preserve our  climate, decrease our dependence on overseas fertilizer and food production, prevent food prices from continuing to skyrocket, and strengthen rural economies. To name a few. 😊  

How can we all come together to make regenerative agriculture the norm? 

Step in #RegenerateAmerica, a bipartisan, nationwide effort by farmers, ranchers, soil experts and nonprofits, along with brands like us! Their goal is to see regenerative agriculture become the predominant form of farming in America and to make that happen, they've set their sights on the 2023 Farm Bill.  We are pushing for big federal policy change on how America grows its food to tackle all of these issues at once! 

Join us and the campaign for healthy soil at to advocate for Farm Bill policies that support farmers and healthy soil! You can help out by sharing the campaign, recording your own testimonial on social media about why regenerative agriculture is so important, tag #RegenerateAmerica in your posts, and tag your local representative. You can also watch an incredible 60-second video they put together on the importance of soil health here.

Why #RegenerateAmerica means so much to us

Regenerative agriculture is at the heart and soul of White Leaf Provisions, and we are dedicated to continuously providing more products for more people to support biodynamics and heal our soils. Since inception, we set out on a mission to bring a line of products to market that would offer a level of transparency and purity not yet seen in the US before, and help transform the family foods category. 

We formulated our first products using the internationally recognized certification for all things biodynamic and regenerative, Demeter, as our North Star, and still do to this day! In this way, we have truly built our business from the get-go on the back of regenerative farming – conceiving every aspect of the brand with the health of our children in mind, along with the wellbeing of the planet that they will inherit. 

That’s why we are so inspired to be a part of the #RegenerateAmerica movement. It’s our dream to live in a country where regeneratively farmed products are not hard to find, specialty items (though, we have made significant strides in that arena!), but the norm. We envision a reality in which they are accessible to people of all ages and phases, with positive implications for both human and planet health. That is why we are hard at work crafting a range of biodynamic foods, and why we support #RegenerateAmerica! This is a cause not only close to our hearts as a regeneratively farmed company, but as Americans, parents, and inhabitants of this beautiful planet. 

Xx Meghan + Keith

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