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Our Rejoice Regeneratively Guide Is Here!

Our Rejoice Regeneratively Guide Is Here!

Whether you’re hosting or simply making the most of moments at home, there’s nothing more festive than gathering around a good meal. Sharing a meal is one of the most universal expressions of love, and when the ingredients also help to revitalize our soils with positive, regenerative ripple effects, the joy of food is truly boundless. And, this is never more true than during the holiday season! 

This year, we’re expressing our gratitude for the connective powers of food, family and friends by rejoicing regeneratively - i.e. hosting loved ones for conversation and cheer, while enjoying bites and sips that help ensure a healthier, sparkling new year (for people and planet). 

Here’s how we’re focused on making a positive impact to round 2022 out right, Chez Rowe: 

  • If you’re hosting a holiday or New Years soiree, scrap the usual paper invitations and go virtual with a Paperless Post or Minted evite.
  • Ask guests to bring a bottle of biodynamic wine or regenerative farmed foods in lieu of their usual bottle of prosecco to your gatherings (more on that below!). For potlucks, encourage guests to bring one dish made from local foods
  • Opt for locally-grown flowers and plants from your local farmers market or florist.
  • It's estimated that approximately 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is produced in the U.S. each year, and about 2.3 million pounds ends up in landfills. Embrace more sustainable wrapping paper options, including reusable styles and picks that are easily recyclable without sacrificing style. We love this no-waste, reusable wrapping material from Wrappr that honors Furoshiki, the 1,200-year-old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping and is made in partnership with independent artists!

    And of course, no holiday party is not complete without a beautiful bountiful tablescape and a warmth-inducing food menu! Investing in local, seasonal ingredients and regeneratively farmed brands is our top tip for rejoicing regeneratively. We handpicked some of our favorite regenerative brands for a cocktail hour that is bursting with flavor and nutrition. Here’s a bit about why we personally love them, and a discount code for each to sweeten the season!

    Biodynamic Coffee

    For a pre-dinner sip without the alcohol, Biodynamic Coffee is no ordinary bean. Their clean coffee is sourced exclusively from family-run estates and cooperatives using regenerative farming practices. 

    Started and run by coffee shop owners, the founders have invested their time in perfecting the details, seeing themselves as the custodians of the “last-mile” in the journey to deliver the cleanest, healthiest and tastiest cup of joe. It comes as little surprise then that their focus on vibrant, healthy soil and clean water makes for great tasting coffee; what we personally enjoy every morning at home as well (especially important these days with a toddler). Sip well through the season with 15% off your first order on biodynamiccoffee.com with code MERRYCOFFEE15 at check out!

    Mariah Vineyards

    Have your nature positive wine and drink it too! This is one of the many reasons we love Mariah Vineyards, a family owned and operated vineyard and estate winery making their regeneratively farmed wines from their own high elevation, dry-farmed grapes. Mariah Vineyards is farming beyond sustainability as the first Savory Institute Global Land to Market Verified regenerative vineyard.

    They have been mindfully tending their land in Northern California for over 40 years putting in the hard labor of planting and growing this vineyard from the ground up - and you can taste the love and care with every delightful glass. Cheers with a conscience with 25% off their product on mariahvineyards.com with code PUREJOY25 at check out!


    We share so much of the same mission with the folks at GoodSAM, who are dedicated to creating ​​foods that's good for you, farmers and the planet. They bring to market truly delicious chocolate, nuts, and coffee that support small farms and regenerative farming practices, with full transparency. 

    Direct trade practices have allowed their team to maintain strong relationships with the supply chain, manufacturers and indigenous communities. Through regenerative farming practices, GoodSAMworks with farmers to maintain the quality of soil to ensure farms thrive for generations to come. Best of all, they’re offering 15% off their product on goodsamfoods.com with code REGEN15 at check out!

    Tomato Bliss
    Is there anything cozier than tomato soup and homemade grilled cheese during the holidays and cold winter months? Perhaps only when you know what you're sipping on is made from from pure, prized ingredients that are helping to heal the earth. Tomato Bliss are the makers of delicious heirloom tomato soups from colorful varieties of regeneratively farmed heirloom tomatoes!

    Their soups are made with gut-friendly vinegar, and nourishing globally-inspired spices, farmed for flavor in a way that helps heal the earth, just like us. Expect exceptional flavor, higher nutrient density, and a climate-friendly solution, delivered to your door for truly seamless hosting that will have guest oo-ing and yum-ing. Use code REGEN15 at checkout to enjoy 15% off their products at tomatobliss.com!

    White Leaf Provisions
    And, how could we forget our biodynamic apple sauce, which Cameron and Keegan relish in one thick, flavorful, saucy cupful at a time. ✨ Our added sugar-free treat is perfect for escalating your standard holiday snack or dessert fare that keeps dreaded sugar crushes at bay.

    Cameron does this little wiggle when he sees us pull the Apple+Cinnamon sauce from the pantry. He downs one after the other and we actually have to cap him. Enjoy on its own, or stir into plain or vanilla yogurt, or try it with ricotta or cottage cheese. Top with nuts, dried fruits, whole grain cereal or granola from GoodSAM! We’re offering 15% off our product line with code WLPHOLIDAYS15 through 1/1 so you can stock up on your favorite flavors and blends.

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