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Homemade Fruit Leathers from @TheFamilyFoodProject

We always try and get creative with the ways we incorporate our Biodynamic Apple Sauces into our recipes at home ... but a recent collaboration with Insta-blogger Kayla Mangione of @thefamilyfoodproject resulted in one of the most original recipes we've seen to-date: homemade fruit leathers.

Chocolate Banana Applesauce Cake

You know what we love? When recipes taste complex and fancy, but they're actually straightforward and simple. Such is the case with our Chocolate Banana Applesauce cake. 

Dutch Baby Recipe with Biodynamic Blueberry Jelly

This is a really kid-friendly, easy breakfast recipe that makes an appearance on our table pretty often! Our four-year-old loves it and asks for it regularly. There are many variations on the classic Dutch Baby recipe, but this is our family favorite.

Biodynamic Apple & Buttermilk Pancakes

We love Buttermilk pancakes … but sometimes we simply want to change things up! We find that adding our Biodynamic Apple + Pear Sauce to a classic buttermilk pancake recipe brings an interesting twist on this traditional breakfast staple.

Flourless Apple & Pear Spice Cake

There's a lot to love about this next recipe. For one: It tastes amazing and it's the perfect dessert for fall, because it blends seasonal flavors like apple & pear (thanks to our Biodynamic Apple & Pear Sauce)...

Raw Energy Bars with White Leaf Provisions Apple & Pear Sauce

September means the start of the school year, but it's also the beginning of all of the activities that go along with it: band practice, sports games, club meetings, and carpools. We love this easy, healthy recipe for raw energy bars (made with our Biodynamic Apple and Pear Sauce!) for quick nutrition before after-school activities or on game days for both kids and parents alike.

Best Banana Bread

Best banana bread is an understatement! I picked up this recipe when I was living in Australia, which is where my addiction to warm, buttery, vanilla toasted banana bread began. When I perfected this basic recipe and method, I found that I was adding blueberries, raisins, nuts, and seeds.

Preserved Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken

Almost every Sunday, growing up in my house in Ireland, a roast chicken took center stage at on our table at dinner time. What makes a perfect roast chicken? in my opinion it takes three things, 1, the best quality Certified Humane Raised & Handled organic bird you can buy. 2, seasoned correctly and 3, perfecting the cooking and resting time. 

Creamy Homemade Yogurt

This is an amazing recipe for anyone who likes to use yogurt on a daily basis. The most important ingredient in this recipe is the best milk you can possibly buy. I look for local milk ideally; but a GMO-Free, organic-certified, grass-fed milk works great. 

Sonora Wheat Fusilli with Heirloom Tomato Sauce, Burrata and Basil

Lone Willow Ranch has created a line of biodynamic homegrown pastas from two of its heirloom organic wheats, ...

Grilled Peaches with Honey Whipped Ricotta and Blackberry Vinegar

Living in the south gives us access to the most amazing produce - peaches being my favorite. I have drizzled Hoskins Berry Farm Blackberry vinegar over the peaches after grilling, which I find compliments the sweet of the peaches and the smokey flavor of the grill makes this dish a perfect, simple summer dessert if you already have the grill fired up. 

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