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Cacao Quick Oats With Walnuts and Coconut Milk

There are three things we require for a breakfast recipe to make it into our regular weekday rotation around here: First, it must be easy, because our mornings tend to be a little on the crazy side. Second...

Apple Cinnamon Oat Cookies

To celebrate our newest biodynamic apple sauce flavor, Apple & Cinnamon, we decided to create a fun new recipe with it! We combined our sauce with a few of our other favorite ingredients, oats, raisins, Ceylon cinnamon and walnuts, and whipped up a delicious, wholesome cookie.

Simple & Delicious Buttermilk Scones

Don't fancy yourself a baker? Then this recipe is for you. Buttermilk scones might sound fancy, but this version is as simple as they come. We try to bake an item with our four-year-old son Keegan at least once a week, and this was one of the first recipes he helped us measure out and cut. 

Bright & Flavorful Beet, Squash & Citrus Salad With Lime Yogurt and Roasted Pistachios

Who says produce picks are at their prime in the summer months? One of our favorite salad combinations is exclusively made with with the produce in season from November through March.

Chickpea, Coconut & Red Pepper Soup

There are only six weeks of winter left, and while we're excited for spring, we also plan to indulge in the current season's richer recipes and bountiful product before warmer weather hits. One of our go-to dishes ever winter is a delicious Chickpea, Coconut, and Red Pepper soup--it's hearty and rich, but oh-so-healthy, too. 

One Gun Ranch's Butternut Squash Soup with Jalapeño

We recently tested out this amazing butternut squash soup recipe from the One Gun Ranch cookbook(which, if you haven't heard of it, is a wonderful cookbook by the founders of a biodynamic farm in California). It's simple to prepare, but hints of ginger, lime, and jalapeño complement the squash in an unexpected way. 

Homemade Fruit Leathers from @TheFamilyFoodProject

We always try and get creative with the ways we incorporate our Biodynamic Apple Sauces into our recipes at home ... but a recent collaboration with Insta-blogger Kayla Mangione of @thefamilyfoodproject resulted in one of the most original recipes we've seen to-date: homemade fruit leathers.

Chocolate Banana Applesauce Cake

You know what we love? When recipes taste complex and fancy, but they're actually straightforward and simple. Such is the case with our Chocolate Banana Applesauce cake. 

Dutch Baby Recipe with Biodynamic Blueberry Jelly

This is a really kid-friendly, easy breakfast recipe that makes an appearance on our table pretty often! Our four-year-old loves it and asks for it regularly. There are many variations on the classic Dutch Baby recipe, but this is our family favorite.

Biodynamic Apple & Buttermilk Pancakes

We love Buttermilk pancakes … but sometimes we simply want to change things up! We find that adding our Biodynamic Apple + Pear Sauce to a classic buttermilk pancake recipe brings an interesting twist on this traditional breakfast staple.

Flourless Apple & Pear Spice Cake

There's a lot to love about this next recipe. For one: It tastes amazing and it's the perfect dessert for fall, because it blends seasonal flavors like apple & pear (thanks to our Biodynamic Apple & Pear Sauce)...

Raw Energy Bars with White Leaf Provisions Apple & Pear Sauce

September means the start of the school year, but it's also the beginning of all of the activities that go along with it: band practice, sports games, club meetings, and carpools. We love this easy, healthy recipe for raw energy bars (made with our Biodynamic Apple and Pear Sauce!) for quick nutrition before after-school activities or on game days for both kids and parents alike.

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