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What is Earth Day: The Dirt on Earth Day

Delivering messages via snail mail is an outdated practice, right? Then why are 100 billion pieces of junk mail delivered in the US alone every single year? Most of us don’t give those piles of coupons, advertisements, and mini magazines another thought. But the truth is, this has an immense effect on our planet­– as do other daily practices that are seemingly “normal.” 

Commentary: Stressed, Tired, Rushed: A Portrait of the Modern Family

The New York Times recently published a column outlining the struggles of the modern family in adapting their chang...

Activities for a More Mindful Lifestyle

Mindfulness is the exercise of becoming more aware of your body, thoughts, and surroundings. It allows you to becom...

The Chemistry of Coffee

The search for the perfect coffee starts with a single bean. This bean’s journey and the environments it endures ca...
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