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Why Europe Adopted Biodynamic® Years Ago and How the US Can Catch Up

The United States might be considered a force for innovation throughout the world, but one area where it has fallen behind is agricultural sustainability. Farms in America continue to deplete 295 million tons of topsoil every year

The Eco-Conscious Shopper's Guide to Food Shopping

Have you noticed in the past few years there has been a large shift in how we think about food? This trend, in many ways, began as Millennials started earning paychecks and participating in the economy. Their desire to know more about what’s in their food and its environmental impact began permeating the consciences of other shoppers.

Take Your Organic Lifestyle to the Next Level With Biodynamics

There was a time when food was grown and harvested in an ultra-pure, unaltered way, free from the chemicals that are so common today. Pesticides, preservatives, colors and flavorings were introduced with the intention of improving accessibility and quality of the food supply but regrettably have also introduced health risks.

Biodynamic Foods: What They Are and Why Should They Matter to Your Family

Most parents agree, few things are as important as the kind of food you feed your family. More is at stake with every meal than simply satisfying taste buds. Are your daily dinners setting your children up for long lives of good health, or are you introducing the ingredients into their diets that will one day lead to chronic disease?

The Garden Project: Month One

Our personal gardening adventures began a few years ago when we had been living near the coast in Connecticut. We were gifted a few tomato plants by a friend, and those seedlings were the catalyst we needed to take a closer look at where our food came from. 

Quiz: Are You Ready to Go Biodynamic?

Have you been thinking about biodynamic products and how to fully incorporate them into your lifestyle but not sure...

A Guide to Biodynamic Food Costs

Perhaps you’ve noticed a new label on various food items as you’ve wandered through your local store or farmer’s market: biodynamic. This raises many questions for those who are unfamiliar with the term.

Breaking Down the Badges: The Meaning Behind Organic, Non-GMO, and Biodynamic

Eating healthy isn’t as simple as it should be. A slew of food products fill store shelves today, each with its own proclamations of unsurpassed nourishment for your body. Between the claims of “non-GMO”, “organic”, and even “biodynamic”, how can you find the kind of pure food that’s best for you and the planet?

Commentary: A Seismic Shift in How People Eat

For many, a trip to McDonald’s used to be a treat. There was nothing better than when your mom gave into your pleas...

What is Earth Day: The Dirt on Earth Day

Delivering messages via snail mail is an outdated practice, right? Then why are 100 billion pieces of junk mail delivered in the US alone every single year? Most of us don’t give those piles of coupons, advertisements, and mini magazines another thought. But the truth is, this has an immense effect on our planet­– as do other daily practices that are seemingly “normal.” 

Commentary: Stressed, Tired, Rushed: A Portrait of the Modern Family

The New York Times recently published a column outlining the struggles of the modern family in adapting their chang...

Activities for a More Mindful Lifestyle

Mindfulness is the exercise of becoming more aware of your body, thoughts, and surroundings. It allows you to becom...

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